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  • Dr. Andrew Miller, Medical Director
  • Tim Shannon, Administrator


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ENT Orthopedics
Robert Cowden MD Rob C. Dyer, MD
Raymond Demoville, MD Robert Fogolin, MD
Kent Murphy, MD Brian Koch, MD
James Roth, MD Robert Landsberg, MD
Gregg Motz, MD
Gastroenterology Stephen Rose, MD
James Gillespie, MD Jane Siegel, MD
William Norris, MD Marc Tressler, MD
General Surgery Pain Management
Gerald W. Davis, MD Kenneth Bartholomew, MD
Gregory Neal, MD Pediatric Dentistry
Peter Smith, MD Krista Cox, DMD
Thomas Taylor, MD Jennifer House, DDS
Pramod Wasudev, MD Kirkland Larson, DDS
Katherine Malone, DDS
Gynecology Ryan Seaton, DDS
Sarah Habibian, MD Jack Stalker, DDS
Robert Shearer, MD Angela Templeton, DDS
Naveen Srinivas, MD William Taylor, DDS
Leslie Wallace, DMD
William Goodman, MD Plastic
Mark Kroll, MD George Yarbro, MD
David Newsom, MD
Oral Surgery Stanley Embree, DPM
Harold Peeples, DDS Francis Hawthorn, DPM
William Lambert, DPM
Daniel Mendoza, DPM
Gina Mendoza, DPM
James Rogers, DPM